Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to WalakaNet Central

This is the hub of Walaka's net presence.

Over on the left are the current postings for the main blogs. Each blog has a sign-up to send you an email whenever there is a new post, so you can follow one, two, or all three:

  •  He is a Thark! (The geeky blog - comics, science fiction, gaming, and stuff)
  • Epicurus in Exile (The not-geeky blog - real life, politics, philosophy)
  • Talent Not Guaranteed (The "art" blog -  more aspirational than actual right now)
Down below the blogs on the left is my Twitter feed. If you follow that directly, you'll get all the new blog posts as they happen. There is a link below that to my LinkedIn as well.

(If you want to follow a number of blogs from different authors, I might suggest feedly.com as a good blog aggregator.)

Over on the right are the archived blogs, some special interest and some more general.


You won't see Facebook in the Walakanet network: besides myriad other problematical concerns, they recently stopped allowing the auto-posting of tweets, so bye, Felicia.

Tumblr had its own problems, so that platform is out of the network as well.

And as for Google+... well, it was nice knowin' ya.

Choose the blogs with the go-go checks!